Aberdeen Cyrenians are encouraging youngsters to SleepIN!

The Big Sleep In Website

Young people in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire are being urged to think about where they sleep – as part of a new charity campaign challenging the stigma and understanding of homelessness.

The Big SleepIN, organised by Aberdeen Cyrenians, is a month-long education and fundraising initiative designed for teachers and youth leaders to help children learn about the right to a safe place to sleep.

Mike Burns, chief executive said:

‘We work with some of the city’s most vulnerable people and recognise that having a home and a safe place to sleep is the best platform for someone with multiple issues to begin to build a positive and meaningful life.

‘We understand that it can be difficult to talk to young people about homelessness as the issue is complex and can be very sensitive – The Big SleepIN resources equip educators with the knowledge to make discussing homelessness, poverty and safety easier, as well as encouraging young people to take some practical action to change these issues in the city’.

The Big SleepIN will run from Sunday 1st March to Friday 3rd April 2020.

Bryony Shepherd, Community and Events Fundraiser said:

‘The Big SleepIN is all about inspiring young people to take action and make change – it’s designed to get them thinking about where they sleep and what makes them feel safe, and then allow them to plan a sleep-themed fundraiser to support our work.

‘We’re expecting lots of pyjama days and sponsored sleep walks – and are excited to see young people engaging with us and inspiring change in our city’.

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